Rehab Products

See our wide range of rehab products within shower/commode chairs, shower stools, free standing toilet aids, combination tables and much more.

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The new M2 300 kg Wide El-Tip is here

Theres room for most user in this shower/commode chair with electric tip. It can carry users up to 300 kg and has 72 cm between the armrests. Read more about the features and advantages in the brochure.

Read more about the chair here Brochure


Seat assortment for our shower commode chairs

We launch eight new seats so you have the opportunity to find the product that exactly matches you or the users needs. The seats are suitable for different M2 models and our Nielsen Line chairs.

See the selection here Brochure


Multi-Tip with firm backrest

It is now possible to buy our popular Multi-Tip with PU backrest!

  • Seat height from 49 to 103 cm
  • Can be tipped 35 degrees backwards and 5 degrees forward




Torso support

Torso Support is designed for users who need extra support because of torso instability.

At the same time it is also intended for all who need and desire for more comfort when sitting in a shower / commode chair.


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