M2 Multi-Tip Big, 200 kg shower / commode chair
Electrical height adjustable with el-tip function in stainless steel
Can be adjusted in height and tilt independant of the other. More dignity for the user, better working environment for the helper. It has the same features as the normal M2 Multi-Tip but it can handle users up to 200 kg and has greater width between armrests.


Order the chair with art. no.:

M2 Multi-Tip Big, 200 kg with horseshoe seat: 310804-B

The chairs can be delivered assembled for extra service charge. Use the products art. no. + art. no. 310363.


The shower / commode chair is equipped with a modern IP66 closed, waterproof electrical system.
The power plug can be found under the cover at the front of the chair and plugged directly into the power outlet – without the use of an external charger.


The M2 Multi-Tip Big provides optimal opportunities to place the user best possible after the need that is required.

The electrical height adjustment easily gives the right working height and like wise giving the right height when using it while toileting.

The chair kan be tipped 5 degrees forward and 35 backwards.

The horizontal seat height can be adjusted from 55 to 101 cm.


Great stability without taking a lot of space.

M2 Multi-Tip Big meets the demand of safety for the user and gives the helper enough space to work when showering and nursing the user.

M2 Multi-Tip has a width of 71 cm.

This will allow the chair to pass in even narrow places, and will therefore be suitable for Homecare as well as Hospitals and Nursing homes.



The chair can be supplied with all kinds of accessories e.g. Footrests, calf rest, lateral supports, etc.



The flexible back of net weave can be adjusted so it suits the individual user.

Smart hand control for Multi-Tip. You have the opportunity to check the remaining power and use the emergency stop on the hand control.




The adjustable hip strap is standard on the M2 Multi-Tip Big. It is extremely comfortable and easy to adjust.



The castors are maintenance free. They do not gather hair or any dirt during showers. One castor is directional controlled for easier manoeuvring (green).



It is possible to get an extended power cord for the M2 Multi-Tip if there is longer to the outlet.

It has a length of 3.2 m and is easily replaced.

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