M2 Multi-Tip Mini shower/commode

Electrical height adjustable shower/commode chair in stainless steel with el-tip function

The M2 Mini series is designed for children and young adults who are hard to place in a standard chair.

The chairs are ideal for children as the chairs can be adjusted as the child grows.

In this way the chair can be a stable aid in the users daily life for many years. Since it does not need to be replaced as the user grows.


Now we have combined the M2 Mini Series with the M2 Multi-Tip Series in this unique shower/commode chair that takes the best of both.

Our M2 Multi-Tip Mini can be adjusted in height and tip independant of each other and gives greater dignity for the user and better working environment for the helper.


Order M2 Multi-Tip Mini with art. no.: 310805-B

Is also available with blue lift bars instead of magenta. Order with art. no.: 310806-B

The chairs can be delivered assembled for extra service charge. Use the products art. no. + art. no. 310363.


The chair is equipped with a closed, waterproof electrical system with no visible wires.

The power plug can be found under the cover at the front of the chair and plugged directly into the power outlet – without the use of an external charger.


The M2 Multi-Tip Mini shower/commode chair is provides with optimal possibility for placing the user as required.

The electric height adjustment gives the right working height.

The seat can tip 5 degrees forward and 30 degrees backwards.

Seat height can be adjusted from 48 to 92 cm.






The smart adjustable hip strap is standard on the M2 Multi-Tip. It is extremely comfortable and easy to adjust.



The wheels are maintenance free. They do not gather hair or any dirt during showers. One wheel is directional fixed if needed for easier manoeuvring.(darker grey)


It is possible to get an extended power cord for the M2 Multi-Tip if there is longer to the outlet.

It has a length of 3.2 m and is easily replaced.

Smart hand control for Multi-Tip. You have the opportunity to check the remaining power and use the emergency stop on the hand control.

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