Height adjustable shower/commode chair.

Model M2 with pushing handels.

 Std stel 9x10  Drivhjul 9x10
M2 Standard with pushing handels

Standard seat, Art. no..: 310035 / Boxed Art. no..: 310035-B
Horseshoe seat, Art. no..: 310036 / Boxed Art. no.: 310036-B

(The chair is shown with footrests and PU-foam on the armrests)

M2 Self-propelled with pushing handels

Standard seat, Art. no..: Boxed Art. no..: 310037-B
Horseshoe seat, Boxed Art. no.: 310038-B

The chairs can be delivered assembled for extra service charge. Use the products art. no. + art. no. 310363.

(The chair is shown with footrests and PU-foam on the armrests)

M2 cover on seat

With the chair follows a lid which covers the whole seat.

If you wish the chairs can be delivered with pu foam cushions on the armrests.

Seat height adjustable from 45 cm-57 cm (no tools involved, just move a clip).

Standard is four 100 mm rubber tires with double action brakes.

4,5 cm thick p.u. foam seat and back which is soft and very durable.

Incl. in the standard chairs is seat lid in p.u. foam and built in holder for bucket.

The seat “clicks” on and off for easy cleaning.

M2_24_Anti_Tip DSC_0020 M2_24_quick_release
 As standard the chair is fitted with
2 anti-tip bars for extra safety.
The chair got a continuously variable handbrake
in aluminium on the two Self-propelling wheels.
The self-propelling wheels got quick release
axles so it is easy to remove the wheels
for cleaning and height-adjusting

Get the chair delivered Boxed

So much less fills the M2-Boxed in transit relative
to a normal M2 package

There can be 12 pcs M2 Boxed on a standard euro-pallet.

M2 Boxed version is very easy to assemble.
It is easily done with 4 Allen screws.

The chair is packaged in a compact box
and can easily be transported.

Carton dimensions 584 x 464 x 346
Rear wheel box 575 x 160 x 575

In the box there is space for bucket and footrests
besides the chair.


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