M2 200 kg with 24″ self-propelled wheel

Height adjustable shower/commode chair in stainless steel

M2 200 kg Self-propelled (Art. no. 310287)

The chair is shown with footrests, which is available as an accessory (Art. no. 310275)

M2 200 kg self-propelled is made for the larger users.

The chair is specially made so that it can hold a user load of max. 200 kg.

Although the chair is made for larger users, we have kept it in the familiar simple style that makes it easy to clean.

With a comfortable seat that is 10 cm wider than our standard seat, we have ensured that you sit comfortably and that there is room for most people.

The seat can be clicked on and off.



M2 200 kg self-propelled have great comfort for the self-supporting user. The driving wheels ensures that users who have the strength can drive to and from the toilet and bathe on their own.

Because it can handle users up to 200 kg, the chair has soft PU foam on the armrests to relieve pressure. In addition, the back cushion and the seat are in PU foam too. The seat has a width of 56 cm, so there is room for most users.

It is equipped with driving handles that make it easy to drive when a helper is needed.


This version of the M2 200 kg shower / commode chair is equipped with 24 inch drive wheels.

The drive wheels are lightweight magnesium wheels, which provide great stability, both when moving and while driving.

The chair is height adjustable in 3 seat heights: 50 cm, 52 cm and 59 cm.

M2_24_Anti_Tip DSC_0020
 As standard the chair is fitted with
2 anti-tip bars for extra safety.
The chair got a continuously variable handbrake
in aluminium on the two Self-propelling wheels.

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