Shower/commode chair M2 300 kg Wide El-Tip

MAX 300 KG user weight. Stainless steel

Most users can be placed in this shower/commode chair as it has 72 cm between the armrests,


The electric motor is driven by batteries and can normally go 50+ times back and forth with max userweight before the battery needs to be charged again.


The chair is as standard equipped with: Horseshoe seat, PU foampads on armrests, lock on the reinforced armrests,double lockable 150 mm wheels on three legs. The last wheel is a directional wheel that provides easier maneuvering and commissioning.


Large accessories program such as: Height adjustable headrest, Height and depth adjustable headrest, Footrests, Leg supports and side supports.




For lift users the chair can be electrically tilted up to 28 ° backwards so it’s easy to get the user right into the chair with the lift. This ensures good working environment for the staff.





It can be tilted 8 ° forward so that users with stand-by function can be helped in the chair and up and stand again. The seat height of the horizontal is 61 cm, but at a negative tip it is only 53 cm.






M2_el_tip_handcontrol M2_el_tip_wide_backrest
Easy hand control for back and forth
The depth of the back can be adjusted via four stitches

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