About HMN A/S

Our first product. A combination table from 1934.
HMN was founded in 1934 in Denmark as a furniture manufacturing company. The company was started by Holger Marius Nielsen, who could see the possibilities of using new techniques in metal production. Our production was started with the then new technique of cold pipe bending. The use of plastics was virtually non-existent and we produced besides rehab-products, cafeteria furniture, furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and offices. The rehab-products we produced was primarily reading tables for beds, commode chairs and examination tables and similar to doctors’ offices and hospitals. The welfare state with rehabilitation and a systematization of help for the elderly and disabled was only in its start-up. Both socially and product-wise, the world has changed considerably since then.

 HMN is today a modern and international manufacturing company with production mainly in Denmark and Poland. In addition to the production and sale of rehab-products we also do sub supplier work for other companies.

Our main area is the development and manufacture of rehab-products for the elderly and disabled. We are specialists in products used in wet rooms like shower/toilet chairs, shower stools and similar and today we have one of the widest ranges in the world within this field. Our products are all developed with focus on ease of use, quality and ease of cleaning.

We are known for our innovative approach to the market and have a strong focus on product development. Our huge selection of accessories for all the products means that we can satisfy most needs for rehab-products for bathroom use.

And should there be situations where the user can not be helped with a standard product, we as one of the few, can make a custom made ​​product that can solve the problem. Nothing is impossible.

 Beside our own products, we have various agencies, among other things, one of the most well-known and recognized rollator/walker producers in the world – Swedish Human Care AB. A company that, like us, have focus on ease of use and quality.

 In addition to sales on the Danish market, we export too many countries spread across the world from Australia to Norway. Danish and Scandinavian rehab-products are known to be among the best and most inventive products in the world and we are proud to belong to the group of producers who are helping to maintain that image.

Our mantra is to make products that help to improve the rehabilitation and care situation of the users, the working situation for the helpers and the society’s economy!  In this way we help both ourselves and others.

And we guarantee that we will continue to pursue these goals.


Niels Flejsborg

Managing Director / CEO HMN a/s