Special made products

Untitled-1People are different, and so are their needs. There are many thousands of elderly and disabled people, who are using standard devices daily. But there is still a small group that has such special needs that they do not get optimal use of these standard products. They are the ones we try to help when we personalize or manufactures a special product to a user.

In the case of minor changes like raising an arm rest 5 cm, or whether to develop a new product depends on the users needs. In collaboration with the therapist we find the best solution in the circumstances and come with one or more options.

We will then start to edit or create the solution. This is made by hand by our production team in Brøndby, where we have specially trained blacksmiths to make the changes.

Before the solution is finished it will be tested by the user with one of our consultants and the therapist. Here you determine if the product is as it should be, or about to be made small adjustments. Only then will the product be finished, painted and delivered.

At the link below you can see how the process of preparing a special made tool takes place, as well as examples of solutions we have made in recent times. As you can see, virtually anything is possible.

If in doubt about whether a custom-made product is something for you, please contact one of our consultants for advice and guidance.

 Special made products