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- makes everyday-life esier for users and staff.

We recently helped a large user who needed a shower-/commode chair with lift and tip. He could not drive his old chair himself, and was dependent on the staff to push him. He was provided with our Multi-Tip BIG with joystick, which increased his independence and imroved the staff's working environment.

We used a thigh-/hip support, a softer seat and a full plate for the footrests from our wide range of accessories to ensure a correct and stable seating position for him.

Our shower-/commode chairs with joystick are available in many variants. They are designed to make everyday-life easier for both users and staff. Contact us to hear more about our M2 shower-/commode chairs with joystick.

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- Learn more about our Special Made Products.

We often receive inquiries from our customers where one of their citizens/users has a specially made shell cast, but it is not possible to mount the cast on a chair with the desired electrical functions.

The chair in the pictures is a specific example of how we adapted the frame of the chair in collaboration with the customer, so that it would fit perfectly with the shell cast, and at the same time could retain all the desired electrical functions such as tip, lift and reclining back.

The result was a shower/commode chair that was tailored to the user's needs and which at the same time benefited the staff's working environment.

This is just one example of how we at HMN can solve even the most complex challenges using special made products. Contact us for help in finding the best solution for exactly your problem.

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- Ideal choice for independancy in all sizes!

Self-propelled shower/commode chairs are great options for people who have limited mobility or need assistance with personal hygiene.

The self-propelling function increases the rehabilitation and strengthens the users upper body. The chairs will improve the comfort, dignity and safety of the users, as well as reduce the burden on caregivers.

The chairs are available in various sizes and models and come with a large selection of accessories to ensure fulfillment of users' need.

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