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M2 for wall-mounted toilets.
- Shower/commode chairs that ensure a good match between the toilet and chair!

Our M2 for wall-mounted toilets is available in 3 variants, offering the option to choose the back solution that suits your user. The chairs are designed so that the hole in the seats matches as closely as possible with the hole in the toilet seat below. This is possible because the frame is adapted to fit over the toilet bowl without any problems.

We recently had a case where a user was able to independently manage tasks related to the toilet, but had to use a commode pan on his shower/commode chair, as the user’s chair did not fit over his wall-mounted toilet. He was unable to empty and clean the commode pan afterwards. Here, an M2 for wall-mounted toilets solved the problem, thereby making the user completely self-reliant going forward.

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M2 Standard with Joystick.

HMN A/S is introducing the M2 Standard with Joystick, a new addition to our range of mobility aids. The chair is designed to meet the user's need for increased independence and mobility. With a Joystick integrated directly into the M2 Standard model, the chair allows the user to maneuver with ease, even in small environments. This promotes the user's independence and reduces the need for assistance.

The chair's compact design and narrow construction enable the user to navigate through smaller passages and fit over most toilets. Therefore, it can be a good alternative to a self-propelled chair when space is limited. This provides the user with greater freedom, flexibility, and independence in daily life.

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At HMN, you will find a wide assortment of 20 different seats for shower/commode chairs, ensuring that each user can find the perfect fit. Our goal is to offer solutions that meet individual needs, and therefore we have developed a range of seats that are tailored in size and shape.

To ensure optimal comfort and support, we also offer custom-fitted seats. These seats can be tailored with precise dimensions and foam thicknesses that exactly match the user’s body and preferences. Whether it’s a small adjustment for extra support or a completely unique seat construction, we have the expertise and resources to meet your specific requirements.

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