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  • M2 200 Kg Height Adjustable
  • M2 200 Kg Wide El-Tip
  • M2 Multi-Tip Big with Joystick
  • M2 200 Kg Self-Propelled
  • 300 Kg Shower Stool



We have the great solutions for you with a wide range of products.

And despite many years in the industry, we have not become rusty ->
All our Shower Stools and M2 Shower Commode chairs are made of stainless steel (NO Rust).

Our products are known for their high quality as they are produced in the best possible materials, which means stable products with a long durability.

  • Shower Commode Chairs in 4 widths, with user weight 200 & 300 kg, so there is a chair for everyone.
  • Choose between basic chair, self-propelled, electric-tip chair or Multi-tip function, according to your / user's needs.
  • Joystick chairs provide a better working environment for the staff and increased independence for the user.
  • And they are waterproof!
  • A simple design, makes the chairs easy to clean and easy to get to the citizen.
  • 150mm closed-axle wheels that make them easy to drive, even after many bathing trips.

In addition, we have a 200 and 300 kg Shower Stools.
You can read more about our products for larger users in the enclosed brochure.